Why do we envisage things the ways we do? What is it that keeps us thinking of something in the same way over and over? How can we break out of certain molds of ideation and learn –– and I mean really learn –– to imagine things otherwise?

There are many stages to the work that I do. The first entails a certain kind of therapy which keeps one from understanding things in only one fashion. The second attempts a general theory of method and technique which shows us how to land on new ideas and frames of thought. The third amounts to something of a demonstration. The rest expand upon the example(s) I provide by way of following through on the poetics of invention thus illustrated. But what is most important here is that what I create only shows my particular path –– that, through generalizing upon my exhibition, which taps only into my personal interests,  the way opens up for others to direct themselves however it is they wish. And of course, this leaves it up to you to achieve your very own results.